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Depot unites your customer relationships, projects, timetracking, invoicing and analysis. All your data (and all Depot features) are available from your desktop or mobile device.

01 Connect

Make the sale

  • Organise contacts
  • Sync contacts with your address book
  • Easily import existing contacts
  • Centralised client information for teams
  • Add team & schedule to proposals
  • Build, issue and manage proposals
  • Send beautiful, fully customisable quotes
  • Create templates for proposals
  • Flexible proposal structure
  • Convert proposals to projects instantly
  • Build a sales profile
  • Track leads
  • Use Tags to group and sort prospects
  • Auto-reminders for submission dates
  • Work collaboratively on proposals
  • No limits on team or location
  • Journal to record your interactions
  • Send and forward emails to the journal

02 Execute

Do the work

  • Manage projects & jobs
  • Graphic breakdown of project status
  • Schedule jobs
  • Collaborate with the entire team
  • Keep international teams on track
  • Assign & delegate jobs and actions
  • Flexible project structures
  • Powerful user-specific task list
  • Assess project list at a glance
  • Tagged timeline of updates & progress
  • Invite collaborators to join projects
  • Allow clients to login & participate
  • Simple time tracking interface
  • One-click job adding from the timer
  • Timesheets
  • Monitor time usage and overrun
  • Time rounding
  • Convert projects to invoices instantly
  • Project journal to manage progress
  • Search and filter lists
  • Share and store files in the project timeline
  • Realtime status reports & updates
  • Notifications of updates & mentions

03 Finance

Get paid

  • Send beautiful, fully customised invoices
  • Invoice accurately by email or post
  • Invoice estimated or actual costs
  • Partial & percentage invoicing
  • Control markup and discounts
  • Customisable charge rates
  • Manage hourly rates, fixed & external costs
  • Set country specific tax rates
  • Set default & custom payment terms
  • Classify line items for reporting & analysis
  • Schedule recurring invoices
  • Set auto-reminders
  • Keyword searching & date range filtering
  • Graphic reporting on payment status
  • Record and manage payment history
  • Issue credit notes
  • Create and send credit statements
  • Online payments with Stripe and PayPal
  • Export data to account packages

04 Analyse

Crunch data

  • Powerful reporting
  • Beautifully functional statistics
  • Project efficiency and profitability
  • Cashflow and revenue overviews
  • Month-on-month finance comparison
  • View productivity and Bill-Ability
  • View individual and team time usage
  • Customisable CSV exports

05 System settings

The back office

  • Fine grained user-level permissions
  • Limit what each user can access
  • Keep financials private and secure
  • Access to all your data at anytime
  • 256 bit SSL protected
  • Full system API
  • Completely configurable settings
  • Customise emails & outputs in HTML
  • Your own subdomain
  • Specify your email settings
  • HTML5 Browser notifications
  • Cloud based system - it’s always on
  • Email bounce notifications
  • Responsive - it works on all devices

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