Sending external emails to a journal

Updated 10 June 14: Connections

Every Connection in Depot has their own unique inbound email address which you can find under their contact details.

There are a couple of ways to use this email address to add journal entries.

You can CC an email to the address, along with any other recipients. The content of your email, along with any attachments, will be added as a journal entry.

Note that any replies this email won’t be logged, even if the address continues to be CC’ed, as Depot will only accept emails from email addresses that match a login address on your account.

You can forward emails to this address. This allows you to keep track of client’s replies to your email.

Finally, there is also a generic inbound email (your If you cc or forward emails to this address, it will try to match an appropriate contact journal to add the email to.

Once you send an email it should appear in the journal within 5 minutes. If your email can’t be added for whatever reason you will receive an email response to notify you.

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