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6 March 2016

The new and improved client statements

The new and improved client statements

Statement of accounts in Depot has always been a great way to keep tabs on how much any client owes, but we’ve developed the Statements page to make it even more useful.

First up, you can now make payments direct from any client’s Statements page using the new Make Payment button.

And to make it even more useful, you can now mark a payment across multiple invoices. So, when your client makes a payment that covers more than one invoice, you can allocate the respective amounts that make up the payment without having to jump between individual invoices.

Secondly we decided to rework the PDF statement Depot, generates for each client.

The “Generate PDF Statement” button now creates a bonafide statement of account – giving a date ordered list of unpaid invoices, along with any payments and credit notes that have been made against those invoices. This means you can supply your clients an at–a–glance overview of all their recent transactions, whether they are debits or credits. 

The date range totals have been maintained (current, over 30 etc) so that your clients can still see how much they owe in a given time period, which is really useful for those clients that don’t pay until a set time has elapsed.

So there you have it, the ability to make payments on the statements page, along with a new approach to the generated statement. 

Depot just keeps getting better

by Ryan Mitchell

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